My failed plan of a yarn brand

By Karla

This year I made the decision of starting a new yarn brand. I had all ready and six yarn lines were part of the brand. Then something happened; the mill I was buying from decided against selling to me as they had already a big distributor. This was like a bucket of cold water in my face. It was a hard hit to my plans. I felt like the beginning of my dream was ending right there… and it was painful and I was lost. I wanted to cry (I did not, but God knows I really wanted). I had some very bad nights trying to come up with a solution to my problem. But after many days of worry and bad humor, I stopped. I closed the book”. I sat and reviewed thoroughly my whole plan. In my head a little voice was telling me that perhaps wasn’t the right moment, perhaps I wasn’t ready. I gave it a rest and for the first time, I was able to relax.


The next following days I continued my life as usual, doing my daily activities.. until one evening that I came across with a blog about handmade. Out of serendipity that particular post was talking about fibers, shows and fairs. It was very interesting, but the best part was when I read the following line from the author: “I am not a yarn factory, I am a fiber artist”. My eyes were wide open and my jaw dropped. It was an ‘a-ha!’ moment to my situation. This line got embedded in my head, it stuck. After that moment all my belief system as an artisan was re-evaluated. I started thinking about my yarn brand and many questions started flowing.. ‘do I want to be a corporation, do I want to hire many employees up to the point where I don’t touch fiber anymore? What do I want in regards fibers?’ A line so simple, was brutal to me. I could not come up with the answers immediately, but I did know what I do not want to become: A mass produced products brand. I want to keep the handmade virtue in all of my products in such way that at least one part of the creative process is done by me. That was it, I had direction now. All became much clearer after that day.

So, going back to my yarn brand… I did manage to keep two yarns available and offer them to knitters.

In fact, let me tell you a little secret.. this yarn will make an appearance on TV this Winter! Yes! I will share more details when I know more :)



After all my first attempt was not bad after all. In all this experience about the yarn brand I learnt so many things.. One of them being ‘to never give up’. Perhaps the goal will morph into something else because it needed tweaking to make it all better and new. I also learnt to let go.. to not fixate. It may sound contradictory, but by letting go the plan I had outlined I am opening my self to new possibilities. So what has been the best thing so far? Well my mind is overflowing with new ideas I never thought I could come up with! I am not saying I am a genius.. but yes that the creative vibe is taking over. So, the ride from now on promises to be good, very good! I promise to keep you posted :) .


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