Follow your path. Taking the dyed road..

By Karla

I am so absolutely obsessed with dyeing. It is this passion that I cannot control. I can easily go to bed after midnight dyeing. If you were to visit me at my house from 8pm-1am, you would find me between yarns, wool, pots, dyes, notes, crockpots, and more. It is something I cannot help.. At times, I feel guilty that I neglect my carder and spinning wheel (hackle, blending board and more), just because I spend so much time dyeing.

Most of the time, you will not get to see what I dye.. in fact, I dye for pleasure, for the thrill of knowledge and discovery. I cannot help it. I have this appetite for knowledge about dyeing that I just cannot put aside. While I drive (my morning commute is almost 1+ hour) I think of different ways to dye, then others about tones, hues, shades. During the day I explore Pinterest, Google, blogs and anything with color. I don’t only draw inspiration from nature. I do too from fashion, other crafts and textures, and just about anything that may have a hint of color. I store pictures in different accounts, that at this point I don’t even go back ha-ha! Too much to see, to think of going back to old stuff!

Every day is a visual adventure; everything we see is a new experience to the eye. My mission is to translate those experiences and capture them in the form of dyed fiber. Like I said, there is so much more to fiber arts than just dyeing, but oh gosh! my calling is to dye. I will happily be a pilgrim in the journey of the search for color beauty. I will give you color, you let go and let it talk to your senses :)

When someone asks me how I do this and that, I just cannot explain. I do have my processes, but those come directly from my color explorations, it is like a path I have walked. Everyone has to walk their own path, take their own course. I always suggest to experiment! Try different dyes, mediums, all and everything! Feel the thrill! No one should take that away from you.

*To answer a message just received today after redacting this blog post.. Dyes: Easter egg, Jacquard, Koolaid, Country Classics, RitDye, Prochem and so many more! Google is your bff for supplies. Try them all and find the ones you like best ;)

Images by SpinningMermaid

Spinning Mermaid dyeing station

I have not taken a single dyeing class, and for that I am very happy. I have learnt to travel through many ounces of colors in a way that I could have only done it on my own. I cannot say I have not wandered or even deviate from the original dyeing idea. In fact, I think I have had 50/50 success as failures. But it is alright, it is the process of growth. That is the only way I have only seen progress, by doing color”.

Some times I worry about me dyeing only and not advancing in other fiber areas.. but, I cannot do it all even if I wanted to. I am letting my self go, my preferences, listening to my inner me and follow what I enjoy the most. And for now, this is it… Follow your rainbow road…

Happy Thursday!


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