About Me

It all began when I joined an art class at the age of 9-years-old. On a whim, I selected painting and from that moment forward I fell in love with color. Bold reds, crystal blues and vibrant greens were just a few of the colors that graced my palette as I created one artwork after the next. I’ve engaged in several crafting mediums throughout my life including doll-making, drawing and ceramics to name only a few. However, in 2009 I rediscovered my love for knitting and yarn. One sunny morning, sitting in the middle of my garden something changed. I cannot really describe it but I can only say I went through a deep transformation while knitting. Just by seeing that bright and textured fuchsia yarn between my needles my artistic horizon expanded. It was like a gap in my creative endeavors was being filled. Right then, right at that moment my dream was born.
After that day, what was only a leisure pursuit; it became a labor of love and fiber obsession. Now, I can say my work with natural fibers and yarn has proven to be the most rewarding and fulfilling. There is just something so magical about taking a pristine skein of natural fiber and flooding it with lively color.
With the same passion that I took this path, with great pride I offer high quality hand-dyed yarns and fibers in a wide array of colors. Inspired by the colors found in nature, I take pleasure in delivering vibrantly colored fibers and yarns to my customers. There is nothing I love more than creating gorgeous fibers and fresh colorways that will inspire you to knit and spin beautiful creations.
Thanks for your support!